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Breaking Down the Evolution of Mobile Marketing

We’re all trying to keep up with the new tech updates constantly happening around us. Things like AR, VR, and wearable technology are all quickly becoming part of our everyday shopping experiences. New tech is popping up all the time, and it’s tricky trying to figure out which new mobile trend is going to stick.

For those of us looking to attract new customers and shoppers, our online marketing strategies are changing as quickly as smartphone technology. But when it comes to streamlining a mobile marketing technique, traditional online marketing strategies won’t always work.

The Evolution of Mobile Marketing

If you want to develop a mobile marketing strategy that works, you have to get your thumb on the pulse of all these evolving mobile trends. Understanding the evolution of mobile marketing, and where it’s taking us in the future, is the first step to finessing a successful mobile marketing strategy for your business. 

Gone are the days when phones were just for leaving messages and checking the time. We’re managing bank accounts on these things, watching movies, even shopping for groceries. On average, we spend over 3 hours per day on our phones, talking to friends on messenger or sharing our favorite videos and livestreams. In fact, users are watching thirty minutes of video content every day, and they’re sending over 40 billion texts to share these videos and other content with their favorite people daily. 

It’s now easier than ever to connect with one another, as long as you know which apps and outlets you can use to reach your audience. Optimizing your content for mobile users involves knowing who your target audience is and understanding how they’re using their mobile devices. Even with 60 percent of shopping transactions happening online, not very many of them are on mobile. Instead, consumers are using their mobile phones to search, compare, and shop for products before making a final transaction on a desktop or at the store.

As mobile use evolves to be more of a search and share type of tool rather than a shopping one, marketers and other commercial retailers are having a hard time tapping into their mobile marketing potential. Last year, American companies missed out on $16 billion worth of advertising opportunities simply because they didn’t know how to market to the modern mobile user. 

The team at CPL is focused on bridging that gap between you and your mobile consumers so you don’t miss out on any marketing opportunities. We create customized strategies for all kinds of businesses, and we can help your company create new content, build apps, and design engaging websites to kick off your mobile campaign.

How to Optimize Your Content for Mobile 

With these new trends happening in mobile right now, mobile marketing strategies are evolving to be more than just SEO. It’s more than managing social media accounts, too. Modern mobile marketing techniques are about giving shoppers a reason to stay engaged with you online, both before and after they make an actual purchase. To optimize your content for this kind of mobile engagement, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my website mobile friendly? Before you start marketing on mobile, you need to design a website that is available on desktop but also mobile-friendly so your consumers can connect with you on any device.

  • How well do I know my audience? Narrow in on which demographic you’re trying to target, find out which apps they’re using, and how they’re using their mobile phone to search the web. Then create a targeted campaign that focuses primarily on your designated audience. 

  • Do I know my KPIs? It can be really hard to measure success with a mobile campaign at first. Your campaigns may be focused on generating new leads, learning more about your audience, or building an email list. So find measurable goals and KPIs that fit into those kinds of campaigns.

  • Is my mobile campaign omnichannel? Consider the different ways you could streamline your mobile marketing campaigns for print, television, and even podcasting as this will make it easier for you to build momentum in your overall marketing campaign.

Take a look at the mobile evolution happening at Florida-based Cervera Real Estate. Their app allows users to browse properties, take virtual tours, and even access broker tools all from the comfort of their phones. With nearly all of mobile use happening through apps, creating an app like this one could be a viable trending option in your mobile marketing campaign depending on how you answered the questions above.

If you’re not sure that apps are the right move for you, here’s a closer look at other mobile trends to consider when developing your mobile marketing strategy:

Top New Trends in Mobile Marketing

Apps are but one of the many trends emerging out of the mobile evolution. The way we all use our phones is changing every day. If you want to optimize your mobile marketing strategy, take a closer look at these top new trends emerging in mobile marketing this year:

#1 Apps 

Nearly 90 percent of our phone use is through mobile apps, from social media to messengers. CPL can help you leverage your customer experience and help you decide if a new app is right for you. What’s more, is you can use targeted and localized advertising in existing apps to attract new customers to your brand.

#2 Videos

Not only are mobile users spending 30 minutes a day watching videos, but they’re also sharing these videos across their social media accounts. Jump on this trend by creating a few videos of your own and sharing them on your brand’s media page. Helpful tutorial videos or viral comedy skits are all great ways to engage with your audience and get brand recognition. 

#3 Wearable Tech

Mobile isn’t just phones and tablets anymore. Smartwatches and fitness trackers use apps to track user’s data in real-time. If you have an app already, a few tweaks are all it takes to get it to fit into a wearable design. Contact us to learn more about this strategy.

#4 Gamification 

Gamification is just a fancy word for game-playing, but for a mobile marketing campaign, it can include elements of augmented or virtual reality (AR and VR). Gamification is changing the mobile scene by creating puzzles, reward programs, social competitions, and other fun games for users to engage with instead of just shopping. Bringing AR or VR onto the scene brings another level to the shopping experience by giving users the chance to see products in real-time without ever leaving their homes. 

As we continue to find new ways to connect with each other, your mobile marketing strategy will need to evolve to include new ways to connect with consumers. Content alone isn’t enough, and the same strategies you’re using in print or other online campaigns might not translate well on the mobile screen. Let our team at CPL take a look at your current mobile marketing strategy. We can work together to design a customized mobile approach that targets your audience, builds solid relationships, and drives sales and conversions. Contact us today to get the conversation started.