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Business Operations

The business of running a business does not traditionally fall on a marketing firm. CPL is not a traditional marketing firm. We learned a thing or two about what it takes to thrive in the current business environment and wanted to pass that vital information along to a community of dedicated/like-minded entrepreneurs.

Augmented reallity

Beyond a gimmick, everyone is on a quest for what’s next. What will move the needle-CPL has carefully curated the best thinkers across several industries in order to constantly tackle the creative challenge of how to make YOUR brand the next big thing everyone is looking to next.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy at CPL helps clients grow with market research, competitive analysis, sales systems audits, investor relations, staff audits, and more, all part of a wider market strategy solution to help your business grow.


You need a way to spread your brand message across multiple platforms that's clever, creative, and strategic. We know how to move that needle, and develop a strategy that grows your brand and creates inbound leads through smart ad campaigns using digital advertising, banner ads, outdoor and event advertising, and so much more.


Branding, messaging, market strategy, and more, all start with the written word. CPL's team of writers can craft your message and cultivate it through blogs, articles, press releases, and various other forms of copy in ways that engage your customers and open your brand up to new possibilities.

Multimedia Production

Production quality is crucial to connecting with your audience and building a brand identity. At the CPL Studio, we can produce world-class mixed-media content at a moment’s notice. With our ample studio space, giant green screen, audio mixing booth, and specialized product shooting studio, we can create your multimedia content on demand.

Business Consultancy

Leading a business and optimizing its performance comes with its own set of risks and challenges. Our team of experienced professionals at CPL offers practical, results-driven strategies and solutions to guide high-level firms towards optimal performance with business systems audits, competitive analysis, staffing reviews, and more.

Event Management

Trade shows, field marketing, sponsorships and partnerships. It’s where a company’s brand comes face-to-face with the real world. And we make sure you are always putting your best face forward. From creating experiential marketing to handling all logistics to hiring and training event and sales staffs Be it B-2-B, B-2-C and everything in B-tween.

Digital Marketing

The world continues to trend digital, with web usage growing globally by five percent in the past few years. CPL knows how to leverage new media — web sites, social media, email, and apps, to name a few — to connect your business with more customers from more places than ever before.

Content Management

Content does more than drive clicks; it's the backbone of any successful business operation. CPL combines content creation, from blogs to video to newsletters and more with a careful strategy to create content that matters. It's just one of the ways we extend the reach of your brand and help your business grow.

Web & Application Development

Web & App Development from CPL includes website development., app architecture, mobile development, drupal development, UX/UI design, front-end development, CSS, javascript, back-end development, and more to make your business look good and gain more curomers.


A great design does more than sell your product. It elevates your brand and sends a message to your customers, letting them know your mission and who you are without any words. From digital to print to 3D and more, CPL's designs create a brand identity that helps businesses go beyond.

Brand Development

Brand Development at CPL starts with brand identity, brand implementation, SEO, marketing, logo creation, and artwork, and more, all so your brand grows and develops in a way that maintains your brand's identity.

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