Navigating the business to business industry requires creative solutions and effective marketing strategies. CPL boasts impressive industry experience and a proven track record across many fields in B2B.  To be effective takes smart business-minded creatives. Quite simply, that is often how business is done.

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CPL has a proven track record for finding business to business (B2B) solutions. We have extensive experience in building and growing successful real estate brands, even developing new technologies like Zonar. We can create a custom solution tailored to your marketing hurdles. 

Extensive Cannabis Research Experience

Extensive Cannabis Research Experience

CPL's impressive repertoire includes more than 100 projects in the cannabis industry. 

We've worked on all verticals

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We've worked across a full-spectrum of industries and verticals.  We leverage universal business tools and concepts with inside-track knowledge to produce bold marketing and business solutions that are industry relevant.

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