With the knowledge and understanding of multiple verticals, we build and propel the big ideas that transform Real Estate, from brokerages and construction to infrastructure and real estate technology. At CPL, we have the broad experience and comprehensive expertise necessary to push your Real Estate business further.

Building Big, With Big Ideas in Real Estate

CPL has taken the Real Estate industry to new heights, turning big ideas into something more, and redefining the market through technology.

Understanding Your Market

No matter in which corner of the market your business resides, whether it’s government, commercial, industrial, residential, or retail, CPL can help you generate growth. We build more than real estate brands; we transform businesses, work-up multi-million dollar proposals, and design the groundbreaking zoning technologies like Gridics that power the next generation of the Real Estate industry.

Speaking the Language of Real Estate

We build better businesses using the language of Real Estate. Whether your brokerage is looking to sell homes quickly in your area or your business needs the inside track on the next billion-dollar government infrastructure project, CPL has the experience to speak to your ideal client.

Building Big Ideas with Technology

Big ideas in Real Estate come to life with the latest technology. At CPL your business can show off the latest designs to investors across the globe using our A.I./V.R. capabilities or use 3D rendering to build a life-size model of your latest property. Better yet, let technology work for you to make your big ideas come to life, and turn your business into the next game-changing platform in Real Estate. 

Dynamic Clients

They're a dynamic group of intuitive and insightful companies and brands from a cross-section of global industries that sought us out for creative, marketing, and business solutions.

We analyzed the market for each, using data-driven analytics to design a unique package of services to meet their needs and drive growth. 

These are our clients. Imagine yourself here.

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Other Industries

We've worked across a full-spectrum of industries and verticals.  We leverage universal business tools and concepts with inside-track knowledge to produce bold marketing and business solutions that are industry relevant.

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