When it comes to multimedia production, you want an end product that engages the audience and serves your overall message. Our top-notch production team, first-rate studios, and world-class mixed media content are just the beginning, as CPL will organize everything from production to distribution, and strategize the best approach so your message has maximum reach. With our ample studio space, giant green screen, high quality equipment, and in-house professional multimedia team, we can create your multimedia content on demand.

On-Demand Equipment & Studio Space

On-Demand Equipment & Studio Space

Produce high-quality videos with the state-of-the-art equipment in our high-tech studio space. Our talented production team are always at the ready with a full inventory of professional-grade equipment, eliminating any lead time or need for third-party equipment rentals. CPL delivers a totally streamlined production process.

Multimedia Production Scaled to Fit Your Business

Multimedia Production Scaled to Fit Your Business

Whether your brand requires a 30-second advertising spot or a full-scale digital production, CPL can take care of your unique business needs. From the storyboarding process to post-production editing, we provide high-quality multimedia content tailored to target and engage your target audience. 

Versatility for Your Industry Needs

Our premium CPL facilities, which include a 45-foot photography cyclorama, 20-foot green screen cyclorama, and 5000-square-foot studio space, provide versatile work spaces that can be outfitted for the production needs of any industry. Additionally, our aerial drones and state-of-the-art equipment are available for any on-site shoots. 

Our Capabilities

Everything your business needs, from planning to post-production, all under one roof.

Video Production

Pre-production and production video services, both at our studio and on the field.


Quality audio and recording services to ensure your videos are heard as well as seen.


High quality photography services including event, product, lifestyle, architectural, and more

Editing & Post-Production

Post-production services including editing, special effects, and/or animation.

Studio Facilities & Equipment

In-house studio facilities including large white cyclorama and green screen backed by high quality equipment and lighting.

3D Animations

Create virtual worlds and objects and bring them to life.

On-Site & Event Productions

Capture your events with professional video and photography using an onsite multimedia team.

Live Streams

Engage social media audiences with live streams of your events, shows, or other real-time activities.

Social Media Videos

Short format social media videos for any platform that connect with social media audiences.

Aerial & Drone Shooting

Videos and clips from high above to capture a different angle.

Dynamic Clients

A dynamic group of intuitive and insightful companies and brands that sought us out for creative, marketing, and business solutions.

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