Marketing Strategy

At a time where marketing strategies need to respond to an omni-channel world, you need a world-class team with an eye on an ever changing world so your business can grow. We segment customers and create targeted marketing strategies that drive sales and conversions.

Marketing with an Emphasis on Strategy

Content and design mean nothing without a proper strategy. Our team will audit your business systems, creative services, and more, and design a marketing strategy for you. Whether it’s a customer experience or an omnichannel marketing plan, they’ll develop a strategy that focuses on helping your business grow.

The Right Tools, Focused on the Right Customers

Content alone is not enough. Using data-driven analytics, market research, competitive analysis, and more, we segment your customer base to target your message, leveraging your best content so it touches the right people for maximum reach. 

More Than Just a Marketing Strategy

Using sales systems and business systems audits, staff and resource analysis, and more, we can pinpoint the problem and offer you a custom-made solution. Whether you need a blog post or an entire content management team; or whether you need your web site redesigned or someone to run your e-commerce site, CPL has the marketing solutions to help your business succeed.

A plethora of capabilities

High-impact marketing strategy services to help your business grow.


Analysis of all planning systems, new-product development systems, and more, to ensure overall operations performance.


An in-depth, foundational review of all creative assets to assess reach and impact using top-level data and research.


Identify gaps and missed opportunities in close rates, sales cycles, customer retention, and more in your target market.


A qualitative and quantitative analysis of market opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses tailored for your business, segmented to specific target demographics.


A comprehensive review and analysis of all market competitors for your business, product, or service to help focus your market and brand strategy.


A person-by-person review of all team members and resources to help your business promote strength, find weaknesses, and fill in existing and future gaps.


A strategic mix of communication expertise and financial know-how that keeps your investors informed and keeps issues out of the hands of management.


Turn your retail experience from transactional to functional and offer up digital platforms that furnish advice and support, forge partnerships that take a holistic view of the old retail model, and more.


A quality pipeline of content for your business, including blogs, video, and more combined with a well-planned SEO strategy.


Real-time analytics that serves up the right content to the right customers in a timely fashion.


Your business needs something that works for you, whether it's a competitive analysis, customer segmentation, virtual reality, combination of all three or something completely different. You need a uniquely customized marketing strategy. 

Dynamic Clients

A dynamic group of intuitive and insightful companies and brands that sought us out for creative, marketing, and business solutions.

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Other Services

We are a one-stop marketing and business solutions firm with integrated end-to-end services to grow your business.

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