It's one thing to read a good story, it's another to report the news every day. With PotNetwork News, we built a fully-functioning newsroom from the bottom-up to report on the emerging cannabis industry. Our team sniffed out the stories that made the industry run, turning one of our biggest clients into the most trusted source of news in the business.

A Nose for News

The challenge here was vast, we had to build a newsroom, launch a website, and cultivate an audience in a crowded space. But the cannabis industry is hungry for information and with a talented team of writers and designers, we created something that hadn't been done before.

Going to Press

We created a diverse newsroom of writers to deliver over 150 articles a month on the industry for our website, and are delivering industry-best interviews with the movers and shakers of the field. The site did live video reports from across the country, published a print edition, and interviewed hundreds of CEOs, celebrities, and politicians from the industry, and around the world.

Cannabis Journalism Done RIght

Emphasis of the Logo

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When Writing Means More for Your Business

Business Directory

More than just news, PotNetwork was a repository of business listings for every company in the cannabis industry. It was a place where entrepreneurs could connect and network to help their businesses grow.

Market Data

The site kept real-time data on the stock market too, so traders and brokers could follow their picks up-to-the-minute and know when to buy, when to sell, and when to hold.

In-Depth News

From politics to finance to health news and more, PotNetwork stayed up-to-date with everything anyone in the industry would want to know. The site ran hundreds of interviews with the top names in the industry as well.

Introducing PotNetwork Magazine

More than a web site, PotNetwork News also published a monthly magazine featuring in-depth long-form article with movers and shakers in the cannabis industry.

The All-New PotNetwork Magazine

An in-depth look at the cannabis industry that couldn't be told on a day-to-day web site.

World-Class Interviews and Exclusive Content

Interviews with the top names in the industry from CEOs to politicians to celebrities.

Sponsored Content

Multiple opportunities for advertising and sponsored content.

Creating More for Our Clients

PotNetwork Magazine is an example of how we can create more for our clients and take their businesses to new heights. We turned this business into a global media conglomerate within months, one that CEOs and celebrities were beating down the door so they could see their brands covered in its pages. It's a great way to not only bolster a brand but to change the narrative as well, extending your reach and capturing new audiences.

And Then There Was the App

To complement it all, we built the PotNetwork app, a great companion to the web site that gave users easy access and functionality in the palm of their hands.

Doing More for Your Business

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