Everyone Loves Chocolate

Choco Budz was a lesson in less is more. A crispy, crunchy, chocolatey, CBD-infused treat brought to look like everyone’s favorite chronic strains by the team at Diamond CBD, it’s a fun treat that has customer’s talking. But while customers were talking we had to stay tight-lipped, walking the line between what we could and couldn't say about the product. The result? We offered wholesalers and retailers the ultimate opportunity for growth in what many experts consider to be the number one sector for CBD today, CBD edibles. 

The Perfect Snack

Diamond CBD’s Choco Budz CBD-infused chocolate treats are the perfect summertime edibles to enjoy at a ballgame, at the movies, or anywhere customers like to snack. It's an approach that turned these unconventional treats into a sensation, selling out almost instantaneously. Turning Choco Budz into the ultimate lifestyle brand for the new wave CBD market, gave local merchants and retailers a leg-up on what consumers truly wanted, and it helped the client reach their sales goals that much faster.

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