With the right guidance and tools, the emerging cannabis industry is the ultimate opportunity for entrepreneurs. CPL has a proven track record of successfully launching brands, building media, and helping businesses grow in the space through an understanding of the landscape and regulatory atmosphere. 

Growing Cannabis Brands from Seed to Sale

From CBD to THC Marketing

CPL has helped over 100 cannabis brands launch, from CBD to THC; from dispensaries to media sites. We've built the brands that built the cannabis industry, and can help your business build its brand, media, or more while keeping you aware of the rules and regulations.

Threading the Needle of Cannabis Industry

Between strong competition and a strict regulatory environment, marketing your cannabis brand can be tough. At CPL, we know how to break through the noise and thread the needle to ensure that your cannabis brand finds its audience, allowing your business to grow.

Grow your Cannabis Business

From creating a compelling and relevant brand identity to crafting a successful go-to-market strategy, our team of experts is prepared to build, launch and even manage your brand's marketing initiatives, so you can focus on your business.

Relevant Industry Clients

Check out some of the clients we have delivered results for within this industry.

Other Industries

We've worked across a full-spectrum of industries and verticals.  We leverage universal business tools and concepts with inside-track knowledge to produce bold marketing and business solutions that are industry relevant.

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