A proven knowledge of industry to build up your business.


Speaking business to business is big business. To be effective takes smart business-minded creatives. CPL has a long track record of doing this across many fields. Quite simply, that is often how business is done.


Taking a startup from concept to completion is an exhilarating risk, more so for entrepreneurs lacking the right marketing tools and business acumen. CPL knows startups, and has a long history of growing businesses and bringing products to market successfully.


Winning government contracts means breaking through the bureaucracy. Our team knows how to handle the red tape and long lead times your business will encounter, and how to navigate multiple government agencies to guide you through the swamp to build you a winning proposal.


Converting top-funnel sales into customers that buy is the ultimate goal. CPL's proven track-record with e-commerce sales is unmatched, from our focus on organic traffic and SEO to social media and more, we develop strategies that convert people and make sales.


Building and branding the healthcare industry takes knowledge, know-how, and a touch of compassion. We know HIPAA, the FDA, lawyers, claims, rules, regulations, and more. And we know how to market it, with an experienced team that delivers a healthy, knowledgeable perspective on how to properly navigate the modern healthcare bureaucracy.


The emerging cannabis industry is the ultimate opportunity for entrepreneurs, filled with either promise or pitfalls if not approached correctly. CPL has a proven track record of successfully launching brands, building media, and more in the space through an understanding of the landscape and regulatory atmosphere.

Real Estate

With the knowledge and understanding of multiple verticals, we build and propel the big ideas that transform Real Estate, from brokerages and construction to infrastructure and real estate technology. At CPL, we have the broad experience and comprehensive expertise necessary to push your Real Estate business further.


Fashion brands and businesses are both timely and timeless; contemporary styles that cross generations and make an impact on the zeitgeist. From high-fashion to support apparel to everyday wear, CPL has transformed the best fashion designs into today's must-have fashion brands.

Health & Fitness

It takes work to build a strong health & fitness brand. CPL invests the time to keep your brand in shape, helping to extend your reach to new customers and allowing your business to grow. From small gyms to the dietary supplement industry, we've been the muscle behind top brands in the industry.

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