Not Grandma's Tupperware Party

Sometimes even classic companies need to step into the new century and show consumers a few new tricks. When Tupperware asked us for an updated web site and a matching app, we jumped at the chance. The company was able to extend its reach, and grandma found some new containers she liked.

Building the Wireframes

We started with the wireframes, building out the site properly so we could properly map out all site content, intended functionalities that would be available, and intended behaviors.

UI Design That Looks Fine

Tupperware Parties are big business — they always have been. Organizers needed a streamlined way to keep track of parties and products, one that would allow them to interact with the web site and app easily and without issue. We designed a UI to ensure quality control and freshness... just like Tupperware itself.

Updating a Classic

We updated a classic for both style and functionality, turning it into one of the top-performing sites of its kind and making it an example of what can be done with just about any classic brand on the web.

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