4 Innovative Real Estate Marketing Trends

Marissa Cohen

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These online marketing trends can provide real estate agents and brokers and edge in an increasingly crowded place. Embrace changing technology, generate unique content, and carve out a specialty niche to stand out from the competition.

What’s trending and hot in real estate marketing? Here are 4 innovative marketing trends for real estate agents or brokers.

Use Video or Live Streaming for Property or Neighborhood Walk Throughs

Video is an enormous marketing asset. In general, people pay more attention to videos than the written word, and as of this year, video represents 74% of all web traffic.

Short, bite sized videos allow real estate agents to quickly and easily show clients a specific property. RESF (one of the top brokerages in Miami) has embraced this by adding a section in their website dedicated to video real estate listings. Below is an example of a drone video that the brokerage is using to help sell.  

A huge trend within a trend is live streaming.

People spend three times longer watching live streaming video than they do other forms of video.

This has fantastic significance for real estate agents: they can live stream videos to Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms to give potential clients a first hand look at available properties or neighborhood hot spots.

Target Specific SEO Keywords that Reflect Your Real Estate Niche

In real estate – as in many other industries – a targeted audience is key to closing a sale. However, individual real estate agent websites can’t compete with the SEO of MLS giants such as or because those sites are established: all they do is nationwide real estate searches.

Realtors Need to Target Neighborhoods, Buildings, and Zip Codes

Go beyond keywords that target anyone looking to “buy or sell” a property in “Miami”. That kind of target may be too broad. Zoom in on hyper-local keywords such as neighborhoods or zip codes. Are you an expert in neighborhoods like Edgewater and Coconut Grove? The best way to capture the attention of Coconut Grove buyers is to demonstrate your key knowledge of real estate in that specific area.

A growing trend in real estate marketing is specification, such as content marketing that’s developed according to specific neighborhoods. Smart real estate agents or brokers make their targeted locations clear.

Realtors Need to Target Specific Client Needs

Brokers or real estate agents should also target types of clients. Do you have a great deal of experience with first time homebuyers? Perhaps your niche is more focused on clients who are relocating to another state? Do you know how to help families who are focused on downsizing? What about the couple that wants to renovate a century old fixer upper on a shoestring budget?

Focusing on these specifics will set you apart and establish credibility that attracts new visitors and resonates with your audience.

Use a Real Estate Website Building Service

Most realtors don't have hours or thousands of dollars to spend building and maintaining a real estate website. However, websites are a key part of any real estate agent’s credibility and lead generation. To save time and money, agents should consider using a real estate website building service like AgentBeat. AgentBeat lets brokers and real estate agents quickly and affordably launch robust real estate websites.

AgentBeat sites are MLS integrated and easily customized to target a variety of audience types, generate leads, and more. AgentBeat can also launch building pages, which show a specific development’s unique story.

Sell the Real Estate Story

Content marketing in real estate isn’t only about selling a high rise in Miami Beach. It’s about selling the experience and telling a great story. Create content that focuses on the neighborhoods you cover: what are the five best schools in that area? How can parents entertain kids under ten in that neighborhood?

While facts are important, stories create a bond between you and your potential clients; according to studies, 92% of consumers want ads that feel like a good story  – and that includes blog posts. Tell your prospective clients an engaging story about what their lives might look like living in their new home.

By using these innovative real estate marketing trends, brokers and real estate agents can better fulfill the growing needs of their business and stay plugged in to the unique needs of their clients.



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