Re-Invigorating the search tool used by Miami's top agents


Redesigning a real estate search tool and communicating its value.

As part of the Gridics campaign we established fresh new marketing website pages to showcase their stunning technology and improve lead retention.  We also created the basic branding elements, business plan, and an investment fundraising brochure.

Industry: Real Estate, Technology

Real Value in Real Estate Marketing

In the Gridics website redesign, we utilized modern animations to bring the user experience to the next level.

A Homepage as Powerful as its Search

To capitalize on ease-of-use visitors get instant access to search tools. The homepage features a powerful dashboard demonstrating the power of the 'hyper-local' data provided by their app. In the event that a first time user arrives, they need only to scroll down to begin learning about the application.

Educating Future Clients

We created the 'About' page using a combination of stunning animations and clear marketing language to demonstrate the key values Gridics has to offer.

Customizable Pricing and Features

We designed the Gridics pricing page to communicate the core features and data users would gain access to at different subscription levels. Not only is this page customer friendly, but as new features and data are added to the software Gridics can easily add them to their website.